A very pleasant stay!


 H.E. Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore


 During 17 – 19th February, The Singha Corporation held the company’s annual conference ‘Roi duang jai Singha’ at Royal Cliff. This is one of our most important event where numerous VIP attended including the board of directors. The Royal Cliff’s team did an outstanding job. Everyone was very happy and our meeting was a success. On behalf of Singha Corporation I would like to express my gratitude to the Royal Cliff Group. It will be difficult for us to find another venue and great service to match this.

2月17日至19日,Singha公司在皇家克里夫举行了公司年会。 这是我们最重要的活动之一,众多VIP参加了此次活动,包括董事会。皇家克里夫的团队做得非常出色。 每个人都非常高兴,我们的会议取得了成功。 我谨代表Singha Corporation向皇家克里夫集团表示感谢。 我们很难找到另一个场地和优质的服务来配合这一点。

 Mr. Santi Bhirombhakdi, President of Singha Corporation Co., Ltd  

 Singha公司主席,Santi Bhirombhakdi先生

 Thank you for a truly amazing stay! Your hospitality is quite outstanding. The sports centre is also very good with excellent quality tennis courts. Hope to be back soon. 

感谢贵酒店给我带来的惊喜! 贵酒店的热情好客非常出色。 体育中心也非常好,拥有优质的网球场。 希望很快回来。

 Ms. Martina Navratilova, Tennis Legend

网球传奇,Martina Navratilova女士


 Beyond 5 stars! Stayed last week at this wonderful hotel. Everything exceeds ones wildest dream of a hotel. On top they have the most wonderful staff, extremely kind and helpful with every wish. This is indeed a place you do not want to leave, and when you do it is with one hope – to come back. 

超过5星! 上周住在这家美妙的酒店。 一切都超过了酒店最疯狂的梦想。 最重要的是,他们拥有最优秀的员工,非常友善,乐于助人。 这确实是一个你不想离开的地方,当你这样做的时候有一个希望 – 回来。

 Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, UK


 Everything was great, staff was very helpful and we were extremely happy with the meeting! 


 Senior Coordinator, Director Services, Rotary International


 Royal Cliff took care of us better than any other places we have been to. This was the best international experience we have had in years. Your staff was amazing, anything we needed they brought to us. They were efficient, attentive and not intrusive. I was also very impressed with the equipments, the comfortable rooms and food. Thank you very much for making this conference so successful. I highly recommend the Royal Cliff for any event.

皇家克里夫比我们去过的任何其他地方都能更好地照顾我们。 这是我们多年来最好的国际经验。 员工很棒,他们带给我们的任何我们需要的东西。 他们高效,专心。 我对设备,舒适的房间和食物印象深刻。 非常感谢您使本次会议取得圆满成功。 我强烈推荐在皇家克里夫举办活动

 Matt Hohmann, Senior Supervisor of Directional Services

定向服务高级主管,Matt Hohmann

 I am impressed with Royal Cliff. They are actually newer than some new hotels as they are continuously improving their product and adding new facilities. 

皇家克里夫给我留下了深刻的印象。 它们实际上比一些新酒店更新,因为它们不断改进产品并增加新设施。

 Mr. Chris Lee, TAT Director & Trade marketing manager

泰国旅游局总监兼贸易营销经理 Chris Lee先生

 This is my first stay at Royal Cliff Hotels Group. I find no other word than A* in expressing my opinion to the warm reception on arrival, efficient service and making one feel at home when one is away from home.

这是我第一次入住皇家克里夫酒店集团。 除了A *这个词之外,我没有发现其他任何一个词来表达我对到达时的热情接待,高效的服务以及让人有宾至如归的感觉。 

 H.E. Dr. Tun Shun, Deputy Attorney General

副检察长,Tun Shun博士