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Please indicate which features would be helpful in planning a stay at Royal Cliff:

  •   Photo gallery
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  •   Facilities in the resort
  •   Room & Suite information
  •   Map of the destination
  • Other (please specify & let us know what we are missing)

Which of the following would influence you to book directly on the Royal Cliff website rather than on other travel websites?

  •   Special offers/promotions
  •   Easier to make/change reservations
  •   More info on cancellation policy
  •   More photos of hotel and rooms
  •   Ability to find more information about hotels
  •   Better description of rooms and amenities
  •   Ability to find more information about the location/destination
  • Other please specify

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What was the purpose of your visit to the website?

  •   Making a booking
  •   Researching information
  •   Looking at special offers
  •   Destination information
  •   Looking at specific hotels
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What website functionality was most useful?

  •   Booking Process
  •   Photo Gallery
  •   Map & Directions
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Would you say this website is?

  •   Informative
  •   Stylish
  •   Luxurious
  •   Functional
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  •   Inspirational
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